Big Daddy’s Pizza Knows How To Throw A Party

Posted on June 4, 2012


Big Daddy’s Pizza really knows how to throw a party.

What’s better than a pizza party with a few friends… how about a free pizza party with all your friends?  Well, that’s exactly what my favorite Pizza shop, Big Daddy’s is giving away this month, a $100.00 pizza party! I could hardly believe it when I read about it on their website. I thought there must be a catch, it can’t be that simple. But it was, I entered my name and email and that was it, I’m all set to win. Of course I immediately called all my friends to tell them to enter as well. I figured the more people I know who are entered the better chance I have of getting an invite to the big party.

I already knew Big Daddy’s made the best Pizza in Salt Lake City, who knew they threw the best party too.



  • Big Daddy’s Pizza gives away $100 pizza party
  • you can enter to win right on the website
  • Everyone loves a free pizza party
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